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July 2014:

DVEA members attending TSTA's Emerging Leader and Organizing Institute

Congratulations to DVEA member Sarah Buchanan on graduating from TSTA's Emerging Leader Training. Sarah spent the weekend learning about how to become a leader within DVEA. After gradiuating, Sarah joined DVEA members Katie Plammons, Sean Hurley, and Michelle Cardenas at TSTA's Organizing Institute.

June 2014:

DVISD School Board Trustees vote to increase their contribution to the TRS Insurance from $400 to $450 a month!

After listening to DVEA's call for action and the rise in the cost for TRS Insurance, the DVISD School Board voted to increase their contribution to the 2014-2015 TRS Premium. DVEA will now contribute $450 instead of the previous $400 which was voted on during the April School Board mtg.

May 2014:

DVEA celebrates the End of the Year with their 3rd Annual Luau Celebration.

DVEA ended the year with a huge celebration at Patsy's Cowgirl Cafe. DVEA provided appetizers and door prizes for all who showed up for the celebration. DVEA also recognized their OUTSTANDING Campus Leaders by providing the with a special "campus leader" polo shirt. A big THANK YOU to all the campus leaders (ARs).

DVEA unite in a sea of RED to demand Affordable Healthcare.

Over 100 DVEA members showed up in a sea of red to encourage the DVISD School Board Members to increase their contibution to the TRS Insurance so that DVISD can have Affordable Insurance for the 2014-2015 school year.

April 2014:

DVEA members speak at the DVISD School Board meeting regarding TRS Insurance.

DVEA receives several awards at TSTA State House of Delegates Meeting on April 11th.

March 2014:

DVEA member Katie Plemmons speaks at Board Mtg regarding TRS Insurance.

Katie Plemmons spoke at the March 18th School Board Meeting regarding TRS Insurance. She informed the Board members of the trip to the TRS Board Meeting and how several TSTA members spoke at the Public Forum regarding the increase in premuiums which makes the insurance unaffordable. Katie encouraged the DVISD to continue to provide great healthcare for DVISD employees.

DVEA Members attend the Region 2D house of Delegates meeting.

DVEA sent Congratulations to Cathy Brown for being elected to Region 2D's ESP at large postition on the Executive Board!

February 2014:

The National Education Association brought Read Across America to Hillcrest Elementary in DVISD.

NEA's Read Across America Cat and the Hat caravan landed at Hillcrest Elementary. Renaissance Dental donated toothbrushes, timers & floss to all the 1st & 2nd graders. They also received a free Cat & the Hat book, too. At the end of the celebration, they presented Hillcrest with a $500 check. Hillcrest was also visted by celebrity readers which included several DVISD School Board members and TSTA's President and Vice President.

Congratualtions to DVEA's ESP of the Year Cathy Brown and to our Campus Representative (AR) of the Year Angela Quebedeaux

On February 12th DVEA members Michelle Cardenas (DVEA president), Katie Plemmons, and Brenda Dominguez traveled to Corpus Christi, TX to speak at the TRS Public Forum regarding the TRS Insurance.

DVEA participates in a TRS Insurance Day of Action

December 2013:

DVEA Members celebrated the Middle of the Year with their 3rd Annual Christmas Social

November 2013:

DVEA Members meet with the National Education Association's Vice President Lily Eskelsen Garcia

On Tuesday, Nov. 12th, several members of the Del Valle Education Association meet with NEA Vice President Lily Eskelsen Garcia to discuss Del Valle Education Association's local victories. They also discussed what was happening at the national level regarding Public Education.

DVEA members attend TSTA Region 2D'd Leadership at the Lake Training

On Nov. 9th several DVEA members traveled to Marble Falls to attend the Region 2D leadership training. The weekend was filled with networking and learning about creating a better TSTA local.

August 2013:

DVEA membership drive in August was a HUGE success!

DVEA members welcomed all new DVISD Teachers with a bag of snacks at the New Teacher Orientation on August 12th. They also hosted a Happy Hour for the New Teachers at Patsy's on Thursday, August 15th. At the New Teacher Orientation, DVEA picked up 15 new members.

At the DVISD convocation on August 23rd, DVEA picked up over 60 new members!

July 2013:

Five DVEA members attend TSTA Organizing Institute

DVEA members Christina, Dustin, Katie, Cathy, and Michelle attended 3 days of training at TSTA's annual Organizing Institute. They learned about unionism, organizing thier local, and about networking. They enjoyed teambuiling and working with other locals from across the state of Texas.

DVEA member Katie Plemmons graduates from TSTAs Emergining Leader Institute

DVEA Member Katie attended 2 1/2 days of TSTA training for Emerging Leaders. TSTA president Rita Haecker addressed the graduates.

DVEA Members packed the July 16th School Board Meeting to Fight for Affordable Insurance

Over 30 DVEA members showed up to show their support for Affordable Insurance. In June, the DVISD Schoo Board voted to move money from the fund balance to help with the high cost of the TRS Insurance. DVISD gave the school board 3 scenarios for the 2013-2014 school year. After listening to the employees of Del Valle ISD, the school board voted 6 to 1 to fully fund the employees' insurance for the 2013-2014 school year. Del Valle ISD will be paying $529 towards each plan (except HMO). Del Valle ISD School Board members are clearly doing "Whatever it takes" for their employees. DVEA would like to say Thank You to all who came out to rally together for affordable insurance and they'd like to say Thank You to all the DVISD School Board Members!

Pictured below: DVEA members standing together in RED!

Pictured Below: Several DVEA Members addressed the DVISD School Board regarding TRS. A big Thank You to Brenda, Vishwa, Marissa, Angela, Dustin (not pictured) & Michelle (not pictured).

Pictured Below: Several DVEA members meeting at Patsy's before the school board meeting to practice speaches and discuss concerns. DVEA meets monthly at Patsy's Cowgirl Cafe before every DVISD School Board mtg @ 4:30 p.m.

June 2013:

Over 30 DVEA members showed up at the June 18th DVISD School Board Meeting to Rally for the Better Benefits

On June 18th, over 30 DVEA members showed up with their families to encourage the DVISD School Board members to contribute more money into the newly adopted TRS insurance. 5 DVEA members spoke during the public forum expressing their concern for the new insurance and the stress that it has caused them.

While discussing the budget for 2013-2014 trustee Rebecca Birch made a motion to move money from the fund balance to pay towards TRS plan #2 for employees. After discussing it with the other board members trustee Ann Heuberger 2nd the motion. The motion passed 4 to 3.

Below are pictures from the June 18th School Board meeting including the 5 DVEA members who spoke at the meeting.

May 2013:

DVEA members come out to celebrate with the End of the Year with a Luau

On May 31st DVEA members celebrated the End of the Year with a Luau themed party at Patsy's Cowgirl Cafe. TSTA representative Jason Wylie, TSTA Region 2D President Susan Seaton, and DVISD School Board Member Ann Heuberger all stopped by to say hello and chat with DVEA's members. There was plenty of good food and door prizes for all! Everyone had a great time!

DVEA demands help with health insurance

Over 50 Del Valle Education Association members turned out to the school board meeting on May 21 to highlight concerns over the recently adopted TRS health insurance. Nine DVEA members addressed the board during public forum to demand that the district increase its contribution to employee health insurance premiums

April 2013:

DVEA members at the April Meeting at Patsy's

DVEA members enjoying discussing TSTA State HOD, planning future events, learning about legislative updates, and discussing issues/concerns in DVISD.

DVEA sends 6 Delegates and 1 Guest to represent DVEA at the TSTA State House of Delegates Meeting-

TSTA State House of Delegates Meeting was held April 10-12 in Houston, Texas. They meet with delegates from all over the state if Texas to discuss and create the new bi-laws for TSTA. Several DVEA members were vocal regarding several of the Bi-laws.

Awards were given out to several local associations including DVEA for increase in membership. Del Valle Education Association received the MOST awards in the state. Way to go DVEA!

Awards Received: #2- Overall Professional, #5- Overall ESP, #10- Numerical Increase Professional, #4 - Percentage Increase Professional, #4- Percentage Increase ESP, #2- Market Share Increase Professional, #5- Market Share Increase ESP

(Pictured below- Christina, Cathy, Tammy, Brenda, Rita - TSTA President, Noel - TSTA Vice President, Angela, & Erica)

On Sunday, April 12th TSTA hosted a conference for ESPs (Education Support Staff). Four members of DVEA attended the conference to learn more about the rights of ESPs. (Pictured below are 2 of DVEA's active ESPs- Tammy Miller @ Transportation & Cathy Brown@ Hornsby)

March 2013:

DVEA attends Region 2D House of Delegates Meeting

On Saturday, March 2nd several members of the Del Valle Education Association got together with surrounding TSTA local affiliates from Waco, Killen, San Marcos, Pflugerville, and more for the yearly Region 2D House of Delegates Meeting. Several issues at the Local, State, and National level were discussed. TSTA's Vice President Noel Candelaria and NEA Board of Directors Texas Member Rae Nwosu also spoke regarding several educational issues.

February 2013:

DVEA attends Save Texas School March and Rally

Several Del Valle Education Association members showed up to the Save Texas School March and Rally on February 23rd. They marched from the Congress bridge to the state capital with the thousands of people who showed up in support of public education.

DVEA Encourages DVISD School Board to look into district substitute problem

DVEA member Shea Smith spoke at the February DVISD school board meeting regarding the shortage of substitutes in the district. She asked them to look into why DVISD doesn't have enough subsititutes to cover classes when teachers are out.

DVEA attends TSTA CORE Training at Texas State

DVEA members Sean Hurley, Tammy Miller, Brenda Dominguez, Michelle Cardenas, and Sarah Buchanan attend 2 days of training by TSTA. They enjoyed learning about organizing and networking with other TSTA affiliates from the Austin-San Antonio area.

January 2013:

Del Valle ISD puts back 45 day notice into policy

Thanks to the lobbying and organizing efforts of Del Valle Education Association, at the January 22nd school board meeting the school board voted unanimously to create a local board policy which provides teachers a written guarantee that they will be notified regarding contract renewal/non-renewal at least 45 days before the last day of instruction.

DVEA members Sean Hurley and Brenda Dominguez addressed the board regarding the 45 notification.

A BIG thank you to those who showed up to the school board meeting and to our DVISD School Board members who continuosly support the DVISD employees.

December 2012:

Del Valle Education Association Encourages School Board Members to Change Local Policy Regarding Contracts

At the Del Valle ISD School Board Meeting on December 18th, Del Valle ISD School Board members discussed changing the language of the DVISD Local Policy regarding employee contracts. Senate Bill 8 changed DFBB Legal Policy allows districts to renew contracts "Not later than the tenth day before the last day of instruction in a school year." Before Senate Bill 8 the districts gave notice of contracts 45 days before the last day of instruction.

Del Valle Education Association President, Michelle Cardenas and Vice President, Sean Hurley spoke at the school board meeting encouraging the school board members to change the local policy and reinstate the 45 days renewal.

DVISD School Board will be voting on the 45 day language at the January 22nd School Board Meeting. Please plan on wearing red and joining us.

Del Valle Education Association Host 2nd Annual Christmas Party @ Patsy's Cowgirl Cafe

On December 14th, Del Valle Education Association hosted their 2nd Annual Christmas Party at Patsy's Cowgirl Cafe. It was a huge success! Members enjoyed door prices, appetizers, and great conversations! At the Christmas Party, the NEW Del Valle Education Association T-shirts were passed out. All members and new members will recieve a DVEA T-shirt this year.

October 2012:

Del Valle Education Association Members attend TSTA's Regions 2D Retreat by the Lake

Five Del Valle Education Association members attended TSTA's Region 2D Retreat by the Lake. They were joined by TSTA members from San Marcos, Pflugerville, Killeen and Waco. They enjoyed learning more about TSTA from TSTA staff members Jason Wylie, Kristi Taylor, and Gerald Haske. TSTA President Rita Haecker & Vice President Noal Candelaria also spoke to them regarding the future of TSTA and what they can do to strengthen their local association. It was a fun and educating weekend!

September 2012:

DVISD School Board Members approve Resolution Concerning High Stakes, Standardized Testing of Texas Public School Students

During the September DVISD School Board Meeting, the school board unanimously passed their Resolution concerning High Stakes, Standardized Testing. DVEA thanks the School Board Members for being supportive! A copy of the resolution can be found here.

New DVEA Officers Elected at the September DVEA Meeting

DVEA members elected Michelle Cardenas as President, Sean Hurley as Vice President, Brenda Dominguez as Secretary, and Angela Quebedeaux as Treasurer. Each officer was elected to a 2 year term, which will expire in 2014. Congratulations!

August 2012:

Notes on August Meeting with Superintendent Dr. Crook
Notes on DVEA President Michelle Cardenas August meeting with Dr. Crook can be found here.

DVEA members attended the New Teacher Training on August 16th. They passed out welcome goodies tand materials about TSTA to all new DVISD Teachers. That afternoon, DVEA hosted a Social for New Teachers at Patsy's Cowgirl Cafe.

DVEA trained new Campus Contacts. On August 16th, TSTA provided a training to all DVEA members who were interested in becoming a campus representative. Campus Representatives where given new membership materials and became more educated on the benefits of TSTA/NEA.

July 2012:

DVEA leads the way at TSTA Summer Organizing Institute in promoting TSTA's transition to the Organizing Model

Direct action was the theme at the Organizing Institute held at the Airport Hilton Hotel. TSTA locals from around the state congregated to plan Direct Action campaigns in their school districts. Only through engaging and empowering members with grass roots organizing can TSTA hope to advance the public education agenda and fend off attacks from idealogues intent on demeaning our public schools and our teachers' fine work.

DVEA members collaborated with other TSTA members at the TSTA Summer Organizing Institute.

Del Valle Education Association member Shea Smith graduating from TSTA's Emerging Leadership Academy. Shea spent 3 days learning more about TSTA/NEA and how she can be a leader for her colleagues. She is pictured with NEA Executive Director John Stocks and TSTA President Rita Haecker.

National Education Association Executive Director John Stocks speaking at the TSTA summer leadership organizing institute.

DVEA member Shea Smith speaks at the May DVISD Board Meeting

Shea Smith spoke at the May Board Meeting encouraging the school board to discuss high stakes testing at the next school board meeting. She encouraged them to write their own version of the TASA resolution and to make a stand. She spoke about our success in Del Valle and that it could be better if teachers were actually given the chance to teach and not focus so much on testing.

DVEA Vice-President Sean Hurley and member Shea Smith speak at April DVISD Board Meeting

Shea Smith spoke on encouraging the school board to reopen their discussion on the TASA resolution on high stakes testing.

Sean Hurley spoke on how teachers need to focus on teaching students to be successful and good citizens instead of teaching them to pass the test. He encouraged the board, administration, community, and teachers that they have the right to change the way testing is viewed.

Del Valle Education Association Participates in Save Texas Schools Rally

DVEA members including President Michelle Cardenas represent Del Valle in the Save Texas Schools rally on March 24th. See pictures below, including one with Congressman Lloyd Doggett.

Del Valle ARs sweeps through their buildings for signatures.

Staff person Jason Wylie reports, star AR Lauren Ivy-Muniz from Smith Elementary School in Del Valle has gotten almost all the faculty in her building to sign the Stop the Cuts petition. So far Lauren has gathered 35 signatures.

Christina Martin, AR at Baty E.S in Del Valle ISD looks on as campus colleague is the 52nd person to sign the Stop the Cuts petition (see picture below). Christina has secured 52 signatures at her campus alone.

Notes on March Meeting with Superintendent Dr. Crook
Notes on DVEA President Michelle Cardenas March meeting with Dr. Crook can be found here.

Notes on February Meeting with Superintendent Dr. Crook

Notes on DVEA President Michelle Cardenas February meeting with Dr. Crook can be found here.

TSTA Region 2D House of Delegates Meeting

On March 3rd, 2012, eight memebers of DVEA, including President Michelle Cardenas and Vice President Sean Hurley, participated in the House of Delegates meeting at the TSTA building. Among other items, we voted on adoptions, elections, and discussed items related to Region 2D as well as involving TSTA.

As of right now, Region 2D has over 3,000 members and has surpassed Education Austin in membership numbers.

Additionally, DVEA member Brenda Dominguez was elected by those in attendance as one of the three members to be part of the TSTA Region 2D Hearing Committee. As she received the largest number of votes, Region 2D President Uzzell asked her to be the chair of the committee. She accepted it.

Save Texas Schools Rally

The rally will happen on March 24th, 2012. Check website below for more information.


TSTA has launched a petition drive called Stop the Cuts to urge Governor Perry to call a special session of the Legislature to use the $2.5 billion of the Rainy Day Fund to stop public education cuts. Go to the link below for more information.


Notes on January Meeting with Dr. Crook

Notes on DVEA President Michelle Cardenas January meeting with Dr. Crook can be found here.

Notes on December Meeting with Dr. Crook

Notes on DVEA President Michelle Cardenas December meeting with Dr. Crook can be found here.

Notes on November Meeting with Dr. Crook

DVEA President Michelle Cardenas had her monthly meeting with Dr. Crook on November 17th. Some of the topics discussed were email addresses for custodians and transportation personnel and tutoring. You can find the complete notes from the meeting in PDF file here.

Notes on October Meeting with Dr. Crook

DVEA President Michelle Cardenas had her monthly meeting with Dr. Crook on October 19th. Some of the topics discussed were Substitutes for Special Education Positions, Working on Campus on Weekends, and growth in Del Valle. You can find the complete notes from the meeting in PDF file here.

Notes on September Meeting with Dr. Crook

DVEA President Michelle Cardenas had her monthly meeting with Dr. Crook on September 21st. Some of the topics discussed were Retention Bonus, Stipends, and Teacher Conference Times. You can find the complete notes from the meeting in PDF file here.

September 2011:

At the September 20th Board Meeting, DVEA President Michelle Cardenas spoke to the board members about not raising the class sizes. Michelle explained that Del Valle is a high needs school district and that Del Valle ISD has over 8500 families who have children between the age 5 & 11. Over 29% of these families are living in poverty. Michelle called for the school board to not chip away at the foundation of Education. She asked the district to follow the Del Valle motto and "Do whatever it takes".
DVEA vice president, Sean Hurley also spoke at the meeting. He thanked the school board for recognizing the district's teachers by considering a Retention Bonus.

August 2011:

Notes on August Meeting with Dr. Crook

DVEA President Michelle Cardenas had her monthly meeting with Dr. Crook on August 17th. Some of the topics discussed were stipends, bus routes, substitutes for custodians, and grading policy. You can find the complete notes from the meeting in PDF file here.

DVEA President Michelle Cardenas will have Monthly Meeting with Superintendent

Dr. Kelly Crook has agreed to meet once a month with DVEA President Michelle Cardenas to discuss concerns and questions expressed by DVEA members. The first meeting will occur on August 17. All members are invited to submit questions, suggestions, or concerns to Michelle Cardenas so she can bring them to the next monthly meeting. Our Upcoming Events page will have the dates of future meetings and you can use our Contact Us page to communicate with Michelle.

DVEA Members Meet with Dr. Kelly Crook

DVEA members were invited to an informal Q&A with Interim Superintendent Dr. Kelly Crook.

Some of the issues discussed involved the passing of Senate Bill 8 and how it would affect our district. Dr. Crook stated that, at this time, the district has no intention of implementing furloughs. In regards to contract renewal, she indicated that the board is considering changing the date of informing teachers about contracts to later in the school year. She stated that the change will not necessarily be the recently passed state mandate that districts can notify teachers 10 days prior to the last day of the school year, but may be later in the year, due to budget constraints.

Dr. Crook also informed us that there has been some consideration of starting retention bonuses for staff but nothing is in place yet.

Dr. Crook was made aware of the need for the contract addendum to be included with all new employees' contracts. She stated that she would look into it and see to it that the addendum be added to these new contracts.

Dr. Crook emphasized that the goal of the school board this year is to improved district image and increase communication with the community and parents.

DVEA would like to thank Dr. Crook for opening the doors to improve communication not only with the community but with employees as well.

May 2011:

Del Valle: School board rejects TASB language
In a stunning victory for the fledgling Del Valle Education Association and district teachers, the Del Valle ISD school board on April 19th voted 8-1 to approve an addendum to the teacher term contract which effectively deletes the exploitative Texas Association of School Boards recommended contract language which had opened the door to teachers working up to 300 days without a penny of additional compensation. Connie Acosta, a veteran teacher and member of Del Valle Education Association speaks to the school board in favor of such an addendum. The proposal to have teachers sign an addendum to their contract was prompted by the lobbying and organizing efforts of the local association.

April 2011:

Del Valle Education Association participates in TSTA's Day of Action on April 2nd

On Saturday, April 2, 2011, TSTA held a Day of Action to remind everyone of the importance of public schools and the potentially devastating effects of deep budget cuts on our children's future and our state's prosperity. Del Valle Education Association, along with Hays Education Association, Dripping Springs Education Association and San Marcos Educators rallied together at Greg Clark Park in Kyle, TX. Congressman Lloyd Dogget and Donna Haschke former state president of TSTA addressed the crowd.

Click here for a great article about the rally including a picture of DVEA President Michelle Cardenas in action.

March 2011:

Del Valle Education Association joined forces with thousands of people to participate in the Save the Texas Schools Rally.

Del Valle: 300 days with no extra pay?

Del Valle Education Association Vice-President Sean Hurley addresses the school board on March 29 to object to the new term contact language from the Texas Association of School Boards, which paves the way for teachers to work up to 300 days per year without any compensation beyond their basic salary.

February 2011:

DVEA urges board to reject class size increase.

Michelle Cardenas, president of Del Valle Education Association spoke to the Del Valle ISD school board on Feb.15, exhorting them to reject a proposal to increase the class size ratio for grades PK-4 from 22:1 to 24:1. She called on the board to uphold the district motto of "Whatever it Takes" to preserve a class size ratio that "has been instrumental over the years in boosting student success." The proposal passed in the end, with both the district administration and school board saying it was a better alternative than cutting staff and programs. Both the administration and board said they hoped attrition and projected growth will absorb the majority of the necessary cuts caused
by the state's financial crisis.

Del Valle Education Association: We Do Whatever It Takes